They are the visible faces of Barcolobo. Inma Ollero, oenologist and commercial director of the winery and Carolina Isidromember of the owner family and marketing director. Together they form the perfect team to bring Barcolobo to every corner of the country, and the world. All the way to New York if necessary, as last February.

That is why, this 8th March, we are celebrating International Women’s Day with them. And with our wines. In particular with our Lacrimae Rerum: fine, elegant and delicate, the result of a manual harvesting process of Tempranillo grapes.

For its production, the grapes are destemmed to obtain an ideal must bleeding. Fermentation takes place for two months in French oak barrels. The result is a bright, pale pink wine with light floral, violet and rose aromas.


Tasting and pairing

Tasting this wine allows us to appreciate its flavours, which reflect a harmonious composition between a slight acidity and a touch of freshness. This refreshing taste makes rose wine one of the best matches for desserts; especially for those based on chocolate or fruits such as apples or red fruits.

But this type of wine has many more pairings than the sweet spectrum. Thanks to its softness and lightness, it combines perfectly with dishes that are not too strong and do not mask its flavour, such as salads. In addition, its fruity notes make it the star complement to fish and seafood, pasta and rice dishes. It is recommended that these meals should always be lightly seasoned to give the wine the starring role.

That is why this March 8th there is no better way to celebrate women’s day than toasting with Lacrimae Rerum from the Barcolobo winery.